About Us I am still fascinated with things that fly

My name is Darryl Jenkins!

I became interested in aviation at a very young age when I received an airplane model at a birthday party. I am now almost seventy years old and I am still fascinated with things that fly (planes, drones, butterflies, and birds).

My friends Clint Oster, Tulinda Larsen and Bijan Vasigh and I envisioned this site as a place where our friends can go and find basic knowledge about fundamental aviation aspects. A lot of what we are beginning with developed as a response to an online chat about aviation safety and how silly some of the reporting was becoming about something as serious as airline accidents.

Airline accidents are so unique and rare that media cover them for long periods immediately after the event, even in the total absence of facts, such as what caused the crash.

All of us understand the need for ratings, and the revenue that generates. We simply want to see a more intelligent discussion.

We have looked over a thirty years period and can find scant evidence that anybody correctly predicted the factors that caused a crash in the immediate aftermath: 9-11 was an exception. We encourage others to check this out. It is interesting to compare this with all of the analysis of the crash presented to us. A bit of humility will do us a lot of good.

We are beginning with the survey on the media and later posting videos on aviation safety with discussions with some of my favorite friends.
We hope you will join with us on this discussion.

I can be reached at flyairjenkins@gmail.com


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